Forest Shed Woodworks

Cutting boards, dishes and decor handcrafted of wood.
We ship worldwide for free!
About us
We are the Forest Shed. A small woodworking family business based in Moscow, Russia. We create ecological wooden household goods like cutting boards, dishes, furniture and decor. Everything we make is based on natural forms and lines of every piece of wood we handle.

We work only with the certified lumber suppliers to make sure that all wood is taken from the sustainable sources. We love nature and pay attention to every stage of the woodworking process - from the moment of growing till the moment of finishing.

We use only natural oils and colours to make our products food safe and make sure that they will be just nice and good enough to serve you a lifetime. Quality, functionality and durability are as important for us as the aesthetics of each piece we make. We believe in craftsmanship and think that the old way of hard working to create handmade goods is timeless.

We ship worldwide for free
By standard post, but you can choose something like UPS or DHL - in this case it will cost. Contact us to know how much.
Free delivery
Within and up to 10km around Moscow.
Pick up
If you're in Moscow, then you can pick up your purchase by yourself. We are located around the Rechnoy Vokzal metro station. Please let us know beforehand and we will provide you with the further directions.
Production period
Your order will be ready to get shipped within 7 days. The items in stock will be shipped on the next day after we receive an order.
Care instructions

  • Don't let stand in water. This can lead to splintering or splitting along the grain
  • Handwash in soapy water, NEVER in a dishwasher
  • Store in a dry place. Bacterias die within several hours without moisture
  • Apply a light coating of food quality (FDA approved) mineral oil and/or beeswax monthly. We do NOT recommend using olive oil or other fine oils, no matter the quality. Over time, there is a danger of yucky build up or of the cooking oils going rancid
  • Disinfect under the running water with a small amount of detergent applied on a sponge
  • In order to remove the odors slightly rub with a piece of lemon
  • Clean right after use. Otherwise the food gets so stuck that you will have some hard times scrubbing it off

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We process all orders within 7 days. This is the time used to create an item and get the coating dried up.

If we have the item in stock, then we get it shipped the next day. We will provide you with full info after we receive your order.
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the price depends on how far it has to go, the size of the item, and its weight (usually 1-1,5 kg)
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